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 Founded in 1993

Shortly after returning to Guadeloupe in 1993 and a brief collaboration with the Bar President of the time, Harry Jawad DURIMEL, Attorney-at-Law, set up the Law Firm.



Notre Histoire
Cabinet d'avocats DURIMEL et BANGOU Avocat Guadeloupe - avocat Saint Martin LAW FIRM AT SINT MAARTEN

After 10 years of professional experience as Chief City Clerk (currently known as DGS), Harry J. DURIMEL excelled at the bar exam (CAPA) and   began his career in public and administrative law, where he pleaded several cases related to public procurement, city planning, public and environmental law, the latter becoming his specialty.


It is in this area that he acquired national and even international recognition and attention, after he exposed the chlordecone scandal, involving the use of an organochlorine pesticide which poisoned both humans and lands in the Caribbean.


Though Harry J. DURIMEL is an expert in public and environmental law, as a humanist, he continued to have an interest in labour law, where he represents both workers and employers, but also in criminal law.


As a result of the numerous acquittals and of the substantial compensation obtained for harmed clients, Harry J. DURIMEL has become an impressive litigator in both the French Correctional Court and the Assize Court.


He speaks three languages - English, French and Spanish, and in 1997, he extended his activities to the cosmopolitan island of SAINT-MARTIN, where he set up a second Firm to represent American clients from New York, Los Angeles, etc., and Europeans clients from France and Germany, as well as Caribbean clients from Anguilla, Jamaica, Haiti, etc.

Cabinet d'avocats DURIMEL et BANGOU Avocat Guadeloupe - avocat Saint Martin LAW FIRM AT SINT MAARTEN

In 2012, Tania BANGOU, a 10years experience attorney–at-Law, brought her energy and expertise to form a solid and perennial partnership with Harry J. DURIMEL. She is an outstanding attorney, specialised in Family Law, dealing with filiation, succession and divorce, and civil and trade Law.


Surrounded by one associate attorney-at-law - Sandra DIVIALLE-GELAS, Harry J. DURIMEL and Tania BANGOU founded the SELARL DURIMEL & BANGOU Law Firm. 


The Firm seeks not only to provide honest and committed defence of its clients in the French Caribbean areas - Cayenne, Fort de France, Pointe-a-Pitre, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy - but also to offer its services in the wider Caribbean Basin, by taking advantage of a stronger regional co-operation, favoured by the integration of Guadeloupe to the Association of Caribbean States – ACS - and soon its membership to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).


Through the INTERREG «GEOTHERMIE CARAIBES/ Caribbean Geothermal energy » programme, the promotion of renewable energy and geothermal energy development will boost trade, cultural and sport exchanges between Dominica, Guadeloupe and Martinique, and this will require the involvement of Caribbean lawyers.

Cabinet d'avocats DURIMEL et BANGOU Avocat Guadeloupe - avocat Saint Martin LAW FIRM AT SINT MAARTEN
Nos Valeurs



Cabinet d'avocats Saint Martin LAW FIRM AT SINT MAARTEN

DURIMEL & BANGOU law firm is recognized for its expertise overseas and in the Caribbean ; its clients are provided with specialised and accurate advice to address the issues discussed.


Specific care is always taken to listen to clients before, during and after a case goes to court, as careful devised strategies and strong litigation skills are the central values that underpin the Firm’s practice.


Clients are guaranteed that confidentiality, the cornerstone of our professional work, will be a key element in our relationship.


Since everyone who comes before the courts must have access to the law, DURIMEL & BANGOU provides free legal consultations through local municipalities, as part of its pro bono activity.

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